3TB Mtg Minutes January 9, 2013

Doty, Mountain, Riverview
Intergovernmental Agreement
January 9, 2013

Three Town Boards-Doty, Mountain, and Riverview

The meeting was call to by Ann Hogan Chairperson of Town of Riverview at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverview Town Hall .  All stood for Pledge of Allegiance.

Town Representatives Present:  Riverview—Hogan, Booth, Trosch, Wanner, Hansen &Bubolz, Doty—Kendall, Francis, Markusen, Gaie and Dehne; Mountain—Uecke and Wirth;—MAS—Schultz, Rzepka and Pichotta.

A motion was made by Trosch and seconded by Booth “to approve minutes and Bullet Points of October 17, 2012.  Unanimous Approval.

Discussed payment Methodology for year 2013—Use previous agreement or proposed new payment formula.  Motion was made by Uecke and seconded by Kendall “to ask attorney if 8.1, with all parties agreeing, can be an amendment to former agreement.”

Doty-3-nays; Mountain-2-nays; Riverview-1-Aye-2-nays—Motion defeated.  Was agreed to proceed with completing agreement.

Discussed agenda #3, expectations of meetings.

Noted comments from MAS Adminstrator, Chris Schultz, regarding needed revisions to the agreement, in his 10/16/12 email are approved, and are to be incorporated in new document.

Discussed/reviewed second half of draft with following changes agreed:

Section 6.01-after principal office-insert-(MAS Building)

6.04-substitute-MAS is to control all revenues and expenditures.  An investment policy for the contingency fund, up to a maximum of $6,000.00 is to be established andapproved by the three Towns.

Section 6.06a-substitute-MAS to prepare monthly financial reports to be shared with Commissioners and the 3 Towns.

Section 6.07b-after Annual Fees-insert and after subtracting the estimated income for the fiscal year.

Section 6.07(b)(iii)-substitute-Forty percent(40%) of the total Remaining Budget Amount shall be shared among the Parties(Towns) by Call Volume Formula.  Each Party(Town) will pay the percentage of the number of calls that originate from their respective Town minus any calls that originate at the MAS Station, Mountain Primary Care Clinic, Mutual Aid Box Alarm System(MABAS) Call or originate outside of the service area.  The calls listed previously would be calculated and divided evenly among all Parties(Towns) involved.

Section 6.07c-remove-by the tenth (10th) day of each month

6.08a-date to be November 1

b-date to be November 15

c-after operating revenues insert plus contingency fund.  Delete rest.

6.09-delete-Average Service Call Volume and substitute-funding formula.

6.11-delete-and shall not unreasonably withhold its approval of the proposal.


Section 7.01f-delete

Section 7.02-Discussion was had on Majority verus unanimous-Parties would like Attorney to revisit section.

Section 7.04(b)  ask Attorney if email is legal when Supervisors use their home computers.

Section 7.04d-substitute-Parties may discuss/and possibly take necessary action at their meetings.

Section 8.01-at end of paragraph add-(Note-during eighteen(18) months service will continue)

Section 9.03d-after-obligation to fund-add-the original outstanding liabilities.

Section 12.09-add-This Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement shall be reviewed every two years.

Ann will tentatively set up a conference call with the Attorney on January 21, 2013 at the Riverview Town Hall with one representative from each Town.

No Public Comments.

Next meeting will be January 30, 2013 at Town of Doty starting at 6:30p.m.

Motion by Booth and seconded by Wirth “to adjourn” at 8:39 P.M.  Unanimous Approval.

Respectfully submitted,
Town of Riverview
Arnold R. Bubolz, Clerk

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