6TB Minutes May 19, 2014

Six Towns Meeting
Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview, and Townsend
May 19, 2014
Riverview Town Hall

Call to order by: Riverview Chairperson Ann Hogan

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call:

1.Breed Richard VandeWettering
2.Doty Dick Kendall, Bob Gaie, Paige Ronski
3.Lakewood Joanne Roy, Lee Spletter, Tom Haberstein
4.Mountain Tony Uecke Al Lauterborn, Lynn Kauzlaric,
5.Riverview Ann Hogan, Dick Booth, Michael Rzepka
6.Townsend Bruce Karow, Joanne Jones,

Approve meeting agenda: Motion Al Lauterborn  2nd Dick Kendall MC

Approve Minutes of March 17 2014 Meeting Motion Al Lauterborn
2nd Dick Kendall MC
Guest Speaker Paul Ehfurth, Executive Director Oconto County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC) Mr Ehfurth discussed two year operating agreement with county, highlights of new website and updated Discovery Guide. Discussion of tourism campaign in Chicago area and 2013 total tourism impact. Question and answer period.

Discussion of brush site: Towns pursuing different solutions

Satellite office committee update: Each town will hold special meeting to request $40,000.00 to purchase satellite office Counter offer on Brunner property, no counter offer on Peterson property. Other possible options to build new presented by Mountain and Lakewood. Discussion of need for special meeting of The Six Towns to purchase property. Bruce Karow stepping down from committee Dick Kendall to replace him.

Business Updates:

Horseback riding group looking for a trailhead

Possibility of grant money for outside appearance of buildings

Mountain Recycling collecting donations for Wabeno Thrift Store

Other Business:

Potential vehicle for humane officer to use, discussion of insurance, maintenance, and mileage.

Public Comment:

Discussion of speed limits setting and enforcement signs.

Next Meeting: June 17 2014 Doty Town hosted by Chairman Dick Kendall  ** This meeting cancelled until after Special Electors Meeting June 24th**

Motion to Adjourn: Dick Kendall MC

Respectfully Submitted

Adriane Bartels Six Towns Secretary

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