6TB Mtg Minutes July 24, 2013

6-Town Meeting

Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview & Townsend

July 24, 2013

Ann Hogan, Riverview Chairperson, opened the 6-Town meeting at 6:30pm in the Riverview Town Hall, Hwy 32 Riverview WI with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call: Breed-Richard VandeWetting; Doty-Dick Kendall, Bob Gaie; Lakewood-Joanne Roy, Adrian Bartels; Mountain-Al Lauterborn; Riverview-Ann Hogan, Dick Booth, Michael Rzepka, Jim Zittlow; Townsend-Joanne Jones, Bill Dutton, Bruce Karow, (towns people Merlynne Lavigne & Joann Streck), guest speaker OCEDC Paul Erfurth & Pam Bursek, Secretary.

OCEDC Paul Erfurth gave a presentation on the new mobile ap, redesigned Discovery Guide and new website www.ocontocounty.org. Interested parties may place events on the sites by calling 920-834-6969 & speaking with Samantha or going right to the events tab and submitting via email.

Dick VandeWetting motioned to approve agenda as printed, Bill Dutton 2nd all were in favor. Al Lauterborn motioned approval of the May 15, 2013 meeting minutes, Dick Booth 2nd all were in favor.

All towns decided to keep up with the library issues and contact local county officials and Senator Tiffany and Representative Jeff Mursau. Hogan will get a copy of the bill for all towns to read for next meeting and keep WTA “in the loop”.

Towns decided to seriously look into other options for Satellite Office or a general building for Towns to share. Karow came up with a draft letter to DeCoster’s regarding non-renewal of his building. A committee of: Gigi Bartels, Bob Gaie & Bruce Karow will look into options further and report at the next meeting.

Jail Referendum-towns decided to table this item and will keep on top of this.

Uniform Hall Rental for special interest groups will be looked into under the survey Kendall presented regarding questions most often asked and of mutual interest. The Chairs of every town (and neighboring towns if asked) will come up with generic form to answer basic questions most asked. They will also try to include the hall rental fees to become uniform to groups.

Oconto County is looking for Towns to send a representative to the The Farmland Preservation Plan. This item will be tabled until next meeting. 6 towns are looking at possibly sending one representative for all.

Rzepka spoke on the Breed issues with Humane Office James Bubb, Rzepka said he checked into this matter and it seems Bubb did everything by the book. Rzepka offered himself as a liaison and all towns agreed this would be a good move. Money matters were mentioned and Mountain handles all the monies coming in and going out and bill the towns accordingly.

Crime Stoppers reps JoAnn Streck (920)-737-3468 & Merlynne Lavigne (715)-276-7257 asked towns to help spread the word on stopping drugs and firearms in the schools by donating their time or money. There will be a brat fry August 9 at SUPERVALU and a Crime Stoppers meeting at the Gillette Village Hall at noon August 14, 2013.

Business update: Breed-Testicle Festival; Doty-nothing; Lakewood-Weinerfest, used car lot, kitchens building possible tool & dye; Mountain-nothing; Riverview-Meat Raffle August 3; Townsend-nothing.

O.C.E.D.C. report from Karow-new mobile ap (discussed earlier) and Oconto Falls is looking for investors for a new motel.

No other business & no public comment.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 6:60pm in the Mountain Community Center in Mountain.

Al Lauterborn motioned to adjourn, Dick Booth 2nd all were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:08pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, Secretary


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