Annual Meeting April 10, 2012



 The Annual Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 8:20 p.m. pursuant to WI SS 60.11(1) with 10 voting elector attendees, Fire Chief Steve Harkema and the full Town Board.  Registration is by poll list pursuant to WI SS 60.11(7).

Pursuant to WI SS 60.41 the 120th Annual Financial Statement is presented and reviewed by Clerk/Treasurer Kauzlaric.  Motion to accept by Laura Anderson.  Seconded by Bill Fuss.  11 yes; 0 opposed   Motion carried.

Open Book is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 13th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and Board of Review is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  A request for Board of Review alternates resulted in Jim Baumann and Laura Anderson.

General concerns addressed included:
–          Sup. Uecke discussed need to move next year’s Annual Meeting to 3rd Tuesday of April due to regulation changes.  Motion to move next year’s Annual Meeting to 3rd Tuesday of April or within 10 days thereafter by Tony Uecke.  Seconded by Laura Anderson.  11 yes; 0 opposed.  Motion carried. 

–          Sup. Uecke introduced new Fire Chief Steve Harkema.  Fire Chief Harkema gave overview of department since his appointment on January 10, 2012 with 3 fire calls, 1 catastrophic failure of equipment, updated equipment, trainings started, appointment of Fire Department officers (Asst. Fire Chief David Wirth, Training Officer Ashley Hull, Lieutenants’ Tony Uecke, Robby McClain and Jerry Herman), also fire department compliant with MABAS

–          Elector Rick Mollner asked if any discussion regarding combined Fire Departments; he also stated previous Annual Meeting electors stated they would like to see Fire Department discussing age of equipment and replacement needs so major purchases can be planned for ahead of time.

–          Elector Laura Anderson brought up discussion of Town Board Member salaries in relation to Towns of Breed and Doty (which were only towns to answer request prior to Annual Meeting); electors stated Board Member raises were discussed in past and budgeted but not taken by this Board.  Motion to reinstate raise from 2008 Annual Meeting by James Baumann.  Amended Motion to raise Chairman from $397 to $500 per month, Supervisors from $229 to $350 per month; Clerk from $16,800 to $18,000 per year by James Baumann.  Seconded by Jerry Herman.  10 yes; 1 opposed.  Motion carried.  

Motion to adjourn by Laura Anderson.  Seconded by Wayne Pennings.  Motion carried.  Time is 9:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,


Lynn Kauzlaric, Clerk/Treasurer




Laura Anderson

James Baumann

Evelyn Charlson

Glenn Charlson

William Fuss

Jerrold Herman

James Kingsbury

Richard Mollner

Wayne Pennings

Sup. Tony Uecke

Sup. David Wirth

Chairman Hull

Clerk/Treasurer Kauzlaric

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