MAS Comm Svc Minutes Jan 10, 2013

Mountain Ambulance Service Commission
January 10, 2013
7:00 pm Mountain Ambulance Station
Regular Meeting of Commissioners



Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Booth.    
Commission Members Present:
         Riverview: Dick Booth, Judy Wanner
Mountain: Jerry Hull, Kathleen McKee
Doty: Bob Gaie, John Francis
MAS: Mike Pichotta
A quorum was present.
Administrators Present:
         Chris Schultz, MAS Administrator

Minutes of September 27, 2012 Meeting: Motion by Jerry Hull, seconded by Judy Wanner to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Meeting Posting: Chris Schultz verified that the meeting agenda had been sent to the Three towns for posting.

Old Business:
Advanced EMT Level update: Chris Schultz reported that Operational Plans and Protocolsby the 2nd Quarter. Chris reported that he had completed his classes.  Anticipation that 100% completion by June 2014.

New Business:
2012 Operations Budget Review: Chris reported that a total of $12,964.97 had been returned to the Three Towns for 2012.

2013 Operations Budget: Chris answered a number of questions regarding increased costs for the year. Some are mandated costs and cannot be reduced. Chris was writing a plan to attempt to gain approval to substitute some lesser costs drugs where much higher cost drugs have been mandated. Drugs have a “use by date” and often the shelf life is partially expired by the time it is received.

FEMA Grant: Chris is working on a $16,000 FEMA FIRE ACT GRANT. The cost to the service is 5% of the grant.

Other Business:
     Heli Pad-Question was raised on how it was working out. Chris reported that it has been utilized two times and worked out fine.
Parking Lot-Cracks have been filled.
New Member-Andrew Seibert. Lives on Airport Rd. which is some distance from the station. Duties will be assigned accordingly.

Next Meeting Dates and Times:

May 16-             6:30 pm
August 8-        6:30 pm
September 26- 6:30 pm
     The earlier time may be amended after the May 16th meeting

Adjournment: Motion by Jerry Hull, seconded by Kathleen McKee, Motion Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm

Minutes submitted by John Francis, Acting Secretary

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