Town Board Meeting March 9, 2010

MARCH 9, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Office.  Roll call was taken with all members present as well as 7 in attendance.  The agenda was posted on March 6, 2010. Motion to Amend Agenda to move #19 Closed Session after #21 Announcements and to approve the amended agenda by Uecke.  Seconded by Hull.  Motion carried.  The Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Kauzlaric with bank statements available for review.  Motion to accept it by Wirth.  Seconded by Uecke.  Motion carried.

Minutes of the Town Board meeting February 9, 2010 were available for review. Motion to accept minutes by Wirth.  Seconded by Hull.  Motion carried.

Budget Amendments – none required at this time.

Disbursements were available for all to review check #18616 to and including #18693 for a total of $745,238.69.  Motion to approve the bills by Uecke.  Seconded by Wirth.  Motion carried.

Ambulance Report – Chairman Hull reported that they have received the Rescue Truck; Chris is still researching for new ambulance, which should be ordered by late spring/early summer; they are requesting WPS to add street light to illuminate the driveway at the Ambulance Station, WPS needs request to come from the town.  This will be tabled until further review of options with WPS.  Chairman Hull will speak with WPS and bring back to next meeting.

Fire Department Report was given by Asst. Chief Wirth – no fire calls; 3 went to ice rescue training set up by Town of Doty; a few in Fire Fighter 1 training.  No motions are entertained.

Humane Officer Report is given by Kauzlaric, with 1 call researched; Rzepka holding call until next months report.  No motions are entertained.

Cemetery Report – held Annual Cemetery Meeting on March 1st and Special Meeting on March 8th with 3 Town Chairpersons to review Joint Ordinance to review operating procedures, how money is divided between the 3 towns; working on Pamphlet to be able to hand out listing history, fees and policies (ie. Flower placement and removal times, etc.).  No motions are entertained.

Planning Commission Report – no meeting

Communication File is reviewed and list is signed.

Fire Department wage discussion – 24 surveys sent out; 18 received back with Yes votes to change to quarterly payroll; discussed that majority has voted Yes.  Motion to switch from monthly to quarterly payroll by Wirth.  Seconded by Uecke.  Motion carried.  Notice to be sent regarding change.

Community Center Rental Agreement – reviewed changes to Rental Agreement and discussed adding 2 blank lines above Security Deposit for special considerations.  Motion to accept with 2 blank lines by Wirth.  Seconded by Hull.  Motion carried.

Planning Commission Member Appointment-Herman – Chairman Hull discussed need to fill Member Charlson’s place at this time with thanks for his service and let us know if he is able to serve again in the future; Jerrold Herman is choice of Chairman Hull.  Motion to appoint Jerrold Herman as new member of Planning Commission by Wirth.  Seconded by Uecke.  Motion carried.

Community Center Ball Park Lights – Chairman Hull spoke with Tim @ WPS regarding problem with Ball Park Lights and Tim felt it could be the transformer that is the problem; Sup. Uecke discussed that after it rains there is water in the circuit box also (may need to extend roof).  This is tabled until next month – Chairman Hull will contact WPS.

Proposed Culvert Replacements by Lakewood-Laona Ranger District – appears to be one culvert in Town of Mountain (Hwy 64).  Motion of approve the culvert replacement by Uecke.  Seconded by Wirth.  Motion carried.

Location of Annual Meeting – discussed that meeting was held at Community Center in past years and changed to Town Office with “standing room only last year”.  Tabled and will be discussed at Annual Meeting this year.

Employee Handbook & Job Descriptions discussion – Sup. Uecke starting working with his team to find out responsibilities and seasonal duty procedures.  Tabled until next month.

Hearing of the People – question about possibility of reflective fence and/or polls at Ambulance garage instead of street light.


Mountain Area Business Association Annual Meeting Thursday, March 18th 6:30 p.m. @Lakeside 

Planning Commission Meeting Monday, April 5th 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office

Spring Election April 6th from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. @ Town Office

Town Board Meeting April 13th 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office

immediately following Town Board Meeting @ Town Office

6 Town Board Meeting April 14th 6:30 p.m. @ Doty Town Hall/Fire Station


2008 Property Tax Payment discussion (Closed Session) – Motion to adjourn into closed session by Wirth.  Seconded by Uecke.  Motion carried.  Time is 7:55 p.m.

Re-convened from closed session at 8:04 p.m.


Motion to adjourn by Uecke.  Seconded by Wirth.  Motion carried.  Time is 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,



Lynn Kauzlaric, Clerk

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